Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kroll Ontrack introduces enhanced version of award-winning review tool to further streamline e-discovery process

Ontrack Inview now provides real-time document delivery and user group security capabilities, optimizing time and cost savings for legal document review teams

Minneapolis – Feb. 5, 2008 – Kroll Ontrack®, the industry’s largest provider of paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics, ESI consulting, and courtroom and presentation services, today announced the launch of Ontrack® Inview™ 5.4., an enhanced version of its industry leading online repository. Providing legal document review teams with the most sophisticated, comprehensive review technology available today, Ontrack Inview 5.4 will further streamline the document review and production processes through new Document Delivery Wizard, User Group Security and Multilingual Intelligence capabilities.

“We understand that the electronic discovery process can be overwhelming, especially with multiple parties, multi-language documents, and tight document production deadlines,” said Nancy Robertson, senior director of Legal Technologies product management for Kroll Ontrack.

“Ontrack Inview 5.4 is the most advanced review application available today helping reviewers more easily and quickly manage multi-language documents, production deadlines and cases involving multiple reviewer teams. These enhancements will not only allow legal review teams to save time, but will aid in the quest to curb discovery costs.”

Ontrack Inview’s enhancements streamline the review and production process, optimizing time and cost savings through the following features:

  • Multilingual Intelligence – Allows users to more easily conduct litigation across borders using one tool by providing legal document review teams with the ability to identify, search, sort, process and produce multi-language documents faster.
  • Document Delivery Wizard – Enables users to make real-time document production and delivery requests, allowing legal document review teams to more easily meet production deadlines.
  • User Group Security – Provides effective user group management and costs savings by permitting multiple parties to conduct simultaneous reviews against a single project database of documents without having to process these documents more than once.

Ontrack Inview 5.4 will launch in the United States and United Kingdom in February 2008. For more information about Ontrack Inview 5.4 visit www.ontrackinview.com.

The Legal Technologies & Consulting division of Kroll Ontrack provides corporations, law firms and government agencies with technology and consulting services for large scale paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics, and litigation readiness and response projects. Through the acquisition of TrialGraphix (September 2007), the leader in jury consulting and presentations, Kroll Ontrack now offers a wide range of trial services such as jury research; witness preparation; trial consulting; and graphics and presentations for mediations, arbitrations, and trial. Helping clients quickly and cost-effectively find, review, manage, produce and present relevant evidence, Kroll Ontrack is recognized as the leading electronic discovery provider by the AmLaw Tech Survey (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007).

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Kroll Ontrack provides technology-driven services and software to help legal, corporate and government entities as well as consumers recover, search, analyze, produce and present data efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to its award-winning suite of software, Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery, advanced search, paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics, ESI consulting, and trial consulting and presentation services. Kroll Ontrack is a technology services division of Kroll Inc., the global risk consulting company. For more information about Kroll Ontrack and its offerings please visit: www.krollontrack.com; www.ontrackdatarecovery.com; www.engeniumsearch.com; www.trialgraphix.com.

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