Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kroll Ontrack launches ESI consulting practice

Group will help corporations and law firms assess data storage issues relating to legal discovery obligations

Minneapolis – June 20, 2007 – Kroll Ontrack® , the industry’s largest provider of electronic and paper-based document discovery and computer forensics services, today launched its electronically stored information (ESI) consulting practice –Ontrack Consulting – at LegalTech West Coast in Los Angeles. This new team of consultants will help corporations and outside counsel navigate through technical intricacies and legal standards associated with the accessibility of electronically stored information and other technical issues relating to electronic discovery. Ultimately, this service will help attorneys establish best practices for data management and for all stages of the electronic discovery process to reduce the burden and cost associated with discovery.

The December 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure underscore the important role of electronically stored information in modern litigation, while requiring a heightened level of discovery readiness. Attorneys are now faced with new legally mandated responsibilities to understand the technical realities of ESI. Leveraging Kroll Ontrack’s ESI expertise and the experience of the company’s consultants, attorneys can be confident they are prepared to manage e-discovery and effectively advocate on behalf of the parties they represent.

“While the evolving body of case law offers attorneys some additional guidance on how to apply these rules, lawyers still struggle to align their practices with the obligations the rules implicate,” said Kristin Nimsger, vice president of legal technologies at Kroll Ontrack. “Though attorneys are experts at crafting legal arguments and strategies, they may not feel as comfortable handling the technical aspects of e-discovery. Combining backgrounds in law and technology, our consultants bridge this gap.”

The new consulting group is comprised of thought leaders in the field of electronic discovery law and practice. Members joining the team include former litigators representing Fortune 250 clients, and technical experts who have experience creating and implementing e-discovery best practices for various organizations including large pharmaceutical and international financial services companies.

Specifically, the new consulting group provides services in the following areas:

  • Data Accessibility Assessment
  • Collection Strategies
  • Case Management
  • Litigation Readiness
  • Litigation Cost Mitigation Strategies
  • Pre-Trial Conference Preparation
  • Expert Witness Services

For more information about Ontrack Consulting, please visit or call 800 347 6105.

About Kroll Ontrack Inc.

Kroll Ontrack provides technology-driven services and software to help recover, search, analyze and produce data efficiently and cost-effectively. Commonly bridging the gap between technical and business professionals, Kroll Ontrack services a variety of customers in the legal, government, corporate and financial markets around the world. In addition to its award-winning suite of software, Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery, electronic discovery and computer forensics services. Kroll Ontrack is a technology services division of Kroll Inc., the global risk consulting company.

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