Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Kroll Ontrack Unveils New Multi-Million-Dollar Data Center to Ensure Fastest, Most Reliable, and Most Secure Electronic Discovery Services to Industry

-- Market leader remains uniquely poised to deliver the most scalable and comprehensive legal technology solutions available --

MINNEAPOLIS – November 17, 2004 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of electronic and paper-based document discovery solutions and computer forensic services for law firms, government entities and corporations, today unveiled its new $10-million-plus, state-of-the-art data center – an enterprise-class electronic business environment designed to provide clients with the most extensive, resilient, controllable, secure, and comprehensive legal technology solutions available in the marketplace.

Based on EMC Corporation’s CLARiiON® and Symmetrix® network storage systems, Kroll Ontrack’s data center helps its clients capture, scan and process the plethora of information, including files, emails, shared folders and other critical paper and electronic documents, at a volume and pace unmatched in the industry.

Kroll Ontrack’s data center is wholly dedicated to discovery services and designed and maintained to meet the growing demands facing the industry. With more than half a petabyte (one petabyte equals a thousand terabytes) in capacity, its data center relies on proven computing technology, including routers and switches from Cisco Systems and Extreme Networks; diverse and redundant Internet connections through Sprint, Time Warner and Onvoy; and, environmental monitoring by ADT Security Services to provide unparalleled data protection and disaster tolerant features.

In its operational facilities and corporate headquarters outside of Minneapolis, the data center will help Kroll Ontrack achieve substantial hardware processing improvements and increased capacity over its previous hardware solutions, ensuring attorneys, their clients, and court officials obtain discovery information in the fastest, most reliable, and most secure manner possible.

“Our clients depend on rapid and secure access to their case documents and information,” said Kristin Nimsger, Esq., Senior Director of Kroll Ontrack’s Legal Technologies Product Line. “Without this access, an attorney cannot adequately manage his or her cases effectively. Our new data center allows work which may have taken a week in the past to be done in a single day. We believe that Kroll Ontrack’s data center will become the benchmark against which all service providers should be judged.”

To provide the highest quality service to its customers, Kroll Ontrack’s data center is scalable to support an unexpected volume of information that could vary based on each customer’s requirements.

Highlights of the new data center include:

• Security: The data center is protected with 24-hour egress monitoring, extensive surveillance systems, dual biometric and personnel badge access, and dry fire suppression agents.

• Climate control: More than 60 monitoring points inside and outside the data center continuously gather information on the environmental health of the area.

• Power: Two separate power grids provide fail-over capability if one grid is rendered inoperable. In addition, if both grids were to fail, an Uninterruptible Power Supply will automatically provide power to all equipment in the data center. The UPS would provide power until the additional generator comes online, which typically occurs in less than two minutes.

• Internet connectivity: All data traffic into the site is load balanced among the multiple application and Web servers to which clients connect.

• Cabling: All critical systems are connected via redundant paths to ensure connectivity at all times.

“The data center currently has a storage capacity of more than half a petabyte,” Nimsger said. “We’re fully prepared to handle the anticipated exponential growth in our business, reflected in the volume and complexity of paper and electronic documents under our management.”

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