Monday, October 11, 2004

Kroll Ontrack releases new version of its industry-leading online review tool

ElectronicDataViewer™ 4.0 gives litigation teams unprecedented power to control production costs and offers native file and tiff image review options in a single database

MINNEAPOLIS – October 11, 2004 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of electronic and paper-based document discovery solutions and computer forensic services for law firms, government entities and corporations, today announced the release of ElectronicDataViewer™ 4.0, the powerful new version of its industry-leading online repository and review tool designed to put customers in the driver’s seat by giving them the power to control their discovery costs.

Building on the enhancements made to its widely popular predecessor, ElectronicDataViewer 3.1, ElectronicDataViewer 4.0 gives litigation teams all of the advantages of native file and tiff image review, combined in one powerful tool. With ElectronicDataViewer 4.0, when reviewers need to redact a document or wish to produce a document in a tiff image, they can convert single native documents or entire contents of folders to tiff images immediately within the tool. Using Kroll Ontrack’s tiff promotion calculator (which is available right in the tool), reviewers are able to see what the conversion costs are going to be and can control expenses by only converting native files to tiff images for the documents they need. Thus, ElectronicDataViewer 4.0 gives litigation teams unparalleled power to benefit from the flexibility and cost savings of the native file format while not losing the ability to manage production sets of tiff images.

“Discovery arguments often focus on the costs of production and the topic of who will pay. In fact, the recent series of Zubulake decisions, and those cases following Zubulake, specifically address allocation of discovery costs and the proportionality test in the context of inaccessible electronic data,” said Kristin Nimsger, Esq., Senior Director, Legal Technologies at Kroll Ontrack. “Kroll Ontrack’s newest version of ElectronicDataViewer aims to put more of the power to control discovery costs in the hands of the attorneys, making e-discovery more manageable – and more predictable – while still providing all the value of the information contained in electronic documents, which can’t be found anywhere else.”

Whether the litigation is on a small or large scale, ElectronicDataViewer will be beneficial to litigation teams during the review process. Litigation teams involved in smaller cases or with e-discovery expertise within their own firm or company may want to handle various components of the electronic discovery process on their own by choosing native file review. They might also choose native review if spreadsheets comprise the majority of a document set and selectively choose which native documents to convert into a tiff image. In the alternative, litigation teams who are involved in a complex, high-stakes litigation case or a regulatory or investigatory matter demanding the very best integrated solutions and comprehensive service in tight timeframes will want to use ElectronicDataViewer 4.0’s tiff image review option.

In addition to the tiff promotion calculator, Kroll Ontrack has added other new features to this version of ElectronicDataViewer to improve the efficiency of the review process, including:

Color Document Viewing: See native spreadsheets, graphics files and picture files exactly as they were created and in full color.

Integrated Review of Paper and Electronic Documents: Review electronic and paper documents together. ElectronicDataViewer 4.0 effectively integrates paper-sourced documents that have been scanned and coded, with their electronic document counterparts in one online repository. Reviewers can edit paper coding fields without sharing them with extracted electronic document metadata fields.

Customizable Review and Administrator Permissions: Assign feature and functionality permissions across groups of reviewers to better facilitate the review process. Review administrators can control which reviewers can redact, print, search, and more.

SideBar Chat: Hold SideBar Chats among members of the review team, improving communication between reviewers and administrators as they complete the document review process.

These new features and functionalities complement the host of time-tested features that continue to make ElectronicDataViewer an industry-leading online repository and review tool. The features include: sophisticated concept and keyword searching; unparalleled assistance in the search for potentially privileged documents and the creation of an automated privilege log; and an easy-to-use interface that requires very little training.

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