Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kroll Ontrack survey validates emerging trends in discovery management

Minneapolis – July 8, 2009 – Nearly 72 percent of legal professionals surveyed believe that discovery in the context of large-scale or complex litigation is being managed differently compared to a year ago. Furthermore, respondents believe that a differing approach to discovery management is being driven by the increased use of technology (78 percent) and a growing emphasis on cost management (68 percent) during the litigation lifecycle. These are key findings from a recently conducted survey by Kroll Ontrack®, the industry's largest provider of paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics and electronically stored information (ESI) consulting, jury consulting, and courtroom presentation services.

Conducted on the show floor at LegalTech® West Coast 2009, these survey results provide insight into how corporate counsel and law firms have shifted their practices to more effectively manage discovery during this economic slowdown. Despite the current economic conditions, nearly half surveyed believe civil case filings are on the increase compared to a year ago. As caseloads increase, organizations are concurrently tightening their budgets, and therefore seeking alternatives when responding to investigations and discovery. Furthermore, according to nearly half of surveyed respondents, there is an increasing pressure to manage more aspects of e-discovery in-house.

"The economic downturn has impacted the way large-scale litigation is managed," said Regina Jytyla, managing staff attorney for Kroll Ontrack. "In an effort to remain economically competitive and continue to provide zealous representation, in-house counsel and law firms have shifted the manner in which discovery is conducted and controlled. This survey reveals that practitioners are relying more heavily on technology and in-house solutions in an effort to increase efficiencies and reduce overall litigation spend."

Kroll Ontrack conducted in-person interviews of 109 attorneys and litigation support professionals for this survey. Interviews were completed June 24-25 at LegalTech® West Coast in Los Angeles, Calif.

The Legal Technologies & Consulting division of Kroll Ontrack provides corporations, law firms and government agencies with technology and consulting services for large scale paper and electronic discovery, computer forensics, and litigation readiness and response projects. Through the acquisition of TrialGraphix (September 2007), the leader in jury consulting and presentations, Kroll Ontrack now offers a wide range of trial services such as jury research; witness preparation; trial consulting; graphics; and presentation technology for mediations, arbitrations, and trial. Helping clients quickly and cost-effectively find, review, manage, produce and present relevant evidence, Kroll Ontrack is recognized as the leading electronic discovery provider by the Am Law Tech Survey (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008).

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