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Future-proofing your legacy data: What are the challenges?

This webinar answers three questions to help you make a concrete decision on the long-term archiving solution that is appropriate for your company.

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Technical deep dive into recovering data from SSDs

This webinar discusses the challenges of recovering data from specific devices, and the flip-side to the science of data recovery: ensuring your data is actutally erased.

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Is Your Privacy for Sale? Second-Hand IT Assets Put Individuals & Businesses at Risk

In this webinar, we discuss the precautions online marketplace sellers are taking with personal data when they post used devices for sale, and how likely is it for new owners to find residual data on pre-owned technology.

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Ontrack and Kingston present on data storage challenges

Join Robin England, Ontrack's Research & Development Lead and Geoffrey Petit, Kingston's Field Application Engineer as they share their knowledge on SSD technology and the challenges surrounding data recovery from SSDs.

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