Managing end of data life cycle

Managing data that has reached its expiration date can be a challenge. Without a proper data sanitization method in place, businesses run the risk of exposing sensitive data. A certified data destruction process can prevent this.

Whether you destroy the data yourself or outsource it to a third-party, Ontrack has the right solution for you. Our specialists can assist by providing your organization with secure data destruction and can help you verify your in-house erasure processes. All our services include a certificate of destruction and environmentally friendly disposal. We also provide logistical support for picking up large quantities of media for erasure.

Secure data erasure services

Our secure data erasure service ensures that sensitive data such as intellectual property, private documents and email, as well as financial and health records, and other critical information are securely wiped from storage media.

As the worldwide leader in data recovery, for over 35 years, Ontrack’s secure data erasure service provides organizations with a fast and certified method to completely remove data from hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state devices (SSD), and backup tapes. Our media erasure techniques meet or exceed all government, and other established global standards for data sanitization.


Erasure verification services

Are your data destruction methods 100% effective? Verifying your erasure process adds protection when repurposing or disposing of end-of-life hardware. Our award-winning Erasure Verification Service provides individuals, companies, manufacturers, and government agencies a written report detailing the effectiveness of their data sanitization process.

Because Ontrack has years of advanced expertise recovering data from every type of storage device, we go beyond scanning common data storage areas—thoroughly examining components that commercial software products are unable to access.

Once we verify your erasure process, you can repeat it with confidence. If our data recovery experts can’t find your data, then no one else will.

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Degaussing magnetic media

Ontrack provides degaussing services of your magnetic media employing industrial-strength degaussers, which meet NIST, HIPAA, ISO, and PCI Standards. This process removes all magnetically stored user and system data, as well as servo tracks from hard drives, which renders them permanently inoperable.

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Degausser Services

Hard drive and SSD shredding

Physically shredding storage media using device-specific shredders provides the ultimate level of security and compliance with NIST, HIPAA, NSA, FACTA, and PCI. Upon request, we will degauss media before shredding. 

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Do it yourself erasure solutions

Prefer to do it yourself? Our do-it-yourself erasure hardware and software tools allow you to wipe data in-house securely. We have certified solutions available for all types of storage devices.

Ontrack shredders and degaussers

Developed as a total data destruction solution, the Ontrack Eraser Degausser is a do-it-yourself hardware solution for large volumes of damaged or end-of-life magnetic media.

Specific Ontrack locations now offer shredders for the safe and effective destruction of HDDs, SSDs, smartphones, and tablets. Each shredder breaks down a device into tiny particles, making it completely unreadable. All our shredders are certified to the highest security level, providing an efficient way to destroy storage media quickly and reliably.

Please contact your local Ontrack specialist to see if this service is available in your location.

The TODAY Show visits Ontrack to learn about data destruction best practices

How safe is your hard drive? Watch a special segment of The Today Show, where Ontrack explains how to ensure you destroy your data the right way.

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