The driving force behind data recovery

With more devices, increasing amounts of data and more complex systems, global IT organizations need a secure, standard process for data recovery.

With Ontrack’s Data Recovery Service Plan you are supported by the global leader in data recovery with over 35 years of experience, 22 worldwide laboratories, and secure, proven data recovery processes and software.

"By 2020 the numbers of devices will skyrocket to over 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) – laptops, tablets, servers, phones – will be in the marketplace. As a result, consumers and businesses will rely on experts to restore, recover, manage and protect their devices in the event of a data loss."


Defining Data Recovery as a Service

No one wakes up and plans for a data loss event. But when it happens trust Ontrack Data Recovery Service Plan to cover all types of data recovery scenarios.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Automate Date Recovery workflows. Reduce risk and establish a secure global standard for customer data recovery incidents. DR Plan integration helps maintain SLAs, eliminate budget snags. Automated tickets flow to Ontrack’s business systems.

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RMM/MSP Management

Incorporate Data Recovery Service into RMM and MSP software solutions to create a competitive advantage and generate additional revenue by enrolling mobile and BYOD devices. Create a secure global standard with an automated process.

OEM Support Programs

Add Data Recovery Service Plans to support OEM programs. Create multi-environment support: extend data recovery to all platforms, manufacturers, device types, storage media, laptops, phones, tablets, including BYOD.

Retail and Online Retail Bundles

Enroll customer devices to build return traffic plus customer and device loyalty. Expand market reach by enrolling additional customer devices via ‘family’ or ‘bundled device’ offers.

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Streamline your customer’s data recovery event

Ontrack began the process of modernizing data recovery by introducing Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and has integrated the plans into premium OEM customer support offers and IT Service Management platforms.

This new model for prepayment and delivery of Data Recovery as a Service addresses these trends:

  • Widespread adoption of BYOD policies
  • Increasingly mobile workforce
  • Advanced technologies on mobile platforms
  • Users increasingly document digital lives on mobile devices or leave business-critical data on laptops, mobile devices, and phones
  • Realized benefits of easy deployment, automated processes and subscription-based pricing
  • Customers and OEMs redefine expectations for support plans

Global reach, knowledge and security

Ontrack sets the global standard in people, processes and infrastructure. Whatever your device or data recovery need, anywhere in the world, Ontrack is there.

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