A leading IT services company needed to access legacy tapes in a short timeframe.

Feb 14, 2020

The Client

A leading global IT services company, who provides technology-enabled business solutions & services.

The Situation

As part of a larger bespoke IT project the client was facilitating for a third-party, the identification, restoration and compliant archiving of 2,500 individual Microsoft Exchange mailboxes was required.

The third-party client employed rigorous data backups throughout their global locations. However their new backup system was not compatible with the legacy system, and data restores required from the legacy system put severe pressure on the ability to maintain the backup schedule.

As a result, the third-party client required assistance to restore 6,000 mailboxes from 40 LT03 tapes, then identify, extract and process the required 2,500 mailboxes all within a very tight timeframe.

The Solution

After consultation with Ontrack tape services specialists, the project timescales, budget and critical success factors were identified, a project proposal and delivery schedule were formulated, and the tapes sent to Ontrack for analysis.

The Resolution

With extensive tape restoration and extraction experience, the engineers at Ontrack tape services successfully extracted and mounted the 40 EDBs contained on each of the tapes. Using the proprietary Verifile™ data reporting software, the client identified the required 2,500 mailboxes and Ontrack then employed their advanced ‘find & restore’ software technology to extract the required mailboxes. Ontrack delivered the required mailboxes in an encrypted and compatible PST format.