Ontrack® Remote Data Recovery (RDR) is a patented proprietary technology for the fast, safe and convenient data recovery from working devices which are correctly recognized by the system.

Thanks to RDR, the recovery can be performed remotely through a secured connection between your computer and Ontrack’s system.

Safe and Secure: How does remote data recovery services work?

With your storage device attached to the internet, you connect to an Ontrack RDR Server using our specially designed client software. RDR servers are located around the world to facilitate fast and secure tunnel or point to point connections. A dedicated engineer will perform a remote diagnosis to evaluate the condition of the device and analyze its recoverability.

When the remote diagnosis is complete, you receive a list of the recoverable files with an assessment of their quality and completeness. Because device failures can occur without warning, the diagnostic phase is critical. In many cases there is only one chance to extract the data from the device. All the service levels provided by Ontrack, such as Standard and Emergency service are also available via Remote Data Recovery. Based on the urgency of the required data, you can select the most suitable service for your needs.

Secure Remote Data Recovery Services


Faster: No shipping required.

Minimize your system downtime with Ontrack Remote Data Recovery and receive the same high-quality service of an in-lab recovery procedure—without the need to ship the hardware. Data recovery over network only requires an internet connection and operational storage device.


Ideal for complex recovery.

Most cases of data loss that affect NAS, SAN, virtual machines, and RAID systems are caused by software malfunctions or human errors, such as reformatted drives, deleted files/VMs, and configuration errors. RDR successfully recovers data from all these scenarios and more. The service is also an optimal solution to restore corrupted database files, such as Microsoft® Exchange® Server, SQL® Server, SharePoint® Server, Oracle® Server, and restores systems affected by ransomware.


Privacy and security.

Communication through Ontrack’s RDR software is entirely secure, and is based on encrypted data packages. Data remains on the local computer without being transferred across the network. The Ontrack engineer controls proprietary data recovery tools to repair file system structures which make the data accessible to the customer. None of the recovered data is transferred back to our facilities. Ontrack works with sensitive personal and corporate data daily, and follows rigid data security protection protocols and guidelines. The security and privacy of our customer’s data is our priority.

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