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PowerControls™ SQL Recovery Software

Restore just the table you need, not the entire database saving you hours of time.

Ontrack PowerControls for SQL allows you to search, preview and restore tables from native SQL BAK files, offline MDF, LDF and NDF files, or a storage tier snapshot from a SAN environment. 


Save time when restoring dropped Microsoft SQL Server tables.

Selectively migrate tables for dev and test, saving cloud data movement and storage cost. Restore just the table you need, not the entire database saving you hours of time.

Ontrack PowerControls for SQL Product Features

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Search and restore a single table from a database backup in seconds.
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Easily preview table contents before restoration.
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Drag and drop table recovery: no T-SQL or PowerShell scripts needed.

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Powercontrols for Exchange FAQs

How does a page-level restore improve SQL Server recovery provisions?

For very large Microsoft SQL Server databases, a complete restore operation can take many hours. During this time the database cannot be used to prevent data being entered and lost as information is copied back from tape or disk. In a high-availability environment, any downtime is costly, so keeping it to a minimum is essential.Fortunately, page-level restore techniques can be used to keep recovery times to a minimum by reducing the amount of data that needs to copied back from the backup media. Since the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, DBAs have had the option of carrying out a 'page level restore' which allows them to recover a 'handful' of pages, rather than having to restore entire datasets and copy the information back into the original database.The page-level restore operation is perfect for situations where data becomes corrupted during writes through a faulty disk controller, misconfigured antivirus software or an IO subsystem. Better still, restore level operations can be performed online for Enterprise editions of Microsoft SQL Server.

How Does In Memory Computing Affect SQL Server Recovery?

Built-in provisionsHekaton allows DBAs to select high priority tables and objects that need to be stored in RAM for super-fast querying. However, the underlying architecture has also been engineered to create a localized backup of that data:Transaction logJust like a standard disk-based database, Hekaton also relies on a transaction log record to track operations, and assist with SQL Server recovery. To ensure complete coverage, Hekaton integrates both disk-based and memory-based transaction logs, writing both to disk in batches.Understanding the Data FileRather than the traditional page structures used for data rows, Hekaton uses a pair of sequential files - Data and Delta files. The Data file contains free-form data rows that are then linked using in-memory indexes. Every time a row is changed by an INSERT or UPDATE statement, the changed row is appended to the end of the Data file.To maintain the speed of operation and to maintain an accurate audit trail, when a row is deleted or updated from an in-memory table, it is not removed from, or changed in the Data file.

What Do I Need For A Successful Microsoft SQL Server Database Restore?

A full backupJust like any other file on the network, the key to a successful database recovery is to have a full, current backup of the MDB and MDF files. You should be taking incremental copies of the database files at least once a day, combined with a full backup at least once a week.A log file backupA 100% accurate database restore is reliant on having a completely up-to-date set of log files that corresponds with data access and update operations. For industries that are heavily regulated, like finance and banking, the log files are essential to prove compliance.Microsoft is keen to point out that you must have "enough” log backups available for a restore sequence, including the tail-log backup, before beginning the process.Sufficient spare disk capacityIn order to test the restored data is correct, you will need to restore the database elsewhere first. This will then give you a chance to test the restored data and ensure that there is no corruption, and that you have an up-to-date set of records that gives a true indication of state before the crash/deletion/corruption.

Microsoft SQL Server

Ontrack® PowerControls™ for SQL restores Microsoft® SQL Server® tables without having to restore the entire database.
  • Restore just the table you need - not the entire database
  • Preview content before restoration
  • Drag and drop copied tables directly to the desired environment
  • Spend minutes restoring versus hours or days
  • Achieve an ROI well beyond the cost of the tool
  • Supports Snapshots or native SQL backups

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