Damaged Mac Laptop? Ontrack to the Rescue.

Written By: Ontrack

Date Published: August 14, 2022

Damaged Mac Laptop? Ontrack to the Rescue.

The Situation

A customer contacted Ontrack’s experts in need of help with Mac data recovery for a laptop that had been dropped and accidentally run over by a truck, causing its battery to combust. 

The Solution

Ontrack’s recovery experts surveyed the Mac device damage and implemented a 3-step recovery process for data extraction which included:

  • Decontamination – A thorough process in which all contaminants that adversely affected the damaged Mac laptop’s operability were removed.
  • Micro-Soldering – A small soldering tool was used to replace a pool of damaged capacitors and resistors which were located near the burned battery.
  • Diagnostics – The MacBook was placed in a special diagnostic mode where both Apple-provided OEM tools and Ontrack’s own proprietary tools were used to mount the internal storage device as a volume onto lab machines and process the copy out.

Once the process was complete, Ontrack was able to successfully extract and verify all data.

The Resolution

Some accidents aren’t easy to account for. Ontrack’s recovery experts can be trusted to provide satisfactory service when it comes to Mac recovery, as well as data recovery for similar devices, whether damage is due to an occasional drop and break or a truck that comes out of nowhere.


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