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Today you provide your customers same day repair service on mobile phones, tablets and computers. Now extend your services to include data recovery. If there is a complex data loss and you need an expert, Ontrack is ready!

Recovering lost data from a drive

Ontrack, the global leader in data recovery, invites you to join our Partner Program to provide advanced data recovery services to all your customers.

With Ontrack as your partner you will be a part of a team that has

  • Performed over 569,000 successful data recoveries globally
  • 125+ data recovery engineers worldwide 

Having trouble overcoming common customer objections? We've compiled some suggested responses to help you turn some of the most common customer objections into data recovery quotes! 

How to Overcome Customer Objections

Partnership Opportunities

To continue to service your customers, Ontrack provides an opportunity to extend your services to include data recovery.

With five laboratories throughout North America, you can provide an easy accessible location for businesses and consumers to drop off their devices—phone, tablet, laptop, etc.— to your uBreakiFix location.

Partner with Ontrack Data Recovery

Provide customers with options for data recovery!

We understand the urgent need to recover data and offer service levels to meet your needs.


Average of 7-14 business days


Average of 2-5 business days


24/7 Until Completion

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What can uBreakiFix do for you?

No one ever plans for data loss, but when it does happen you need to know who to trust to provide a fair price and phenomenal customer service.

"I really didn't have a preconceived notion of what uBreakiFix actually did. I thought that they were only a cell phone repair store, but they do much more."