When access to your data becomes impossible, call Ontrack

Ontrack can help in the following common smartphone data loss situations:

  • A forgotten passcode/pin
  • Hardware issues that disable the phone
  • Attempting to enter an incorrect passcode/pin too many times
  • A failed operating system update

Corporate ‘loss of access’ situations include:

  • All the above scenarios
  • Internal investigations - company does not know employee’s passcode
  • Employee leaves a company and is unwilling to disclose their passcode to their company
Disabled Device Recovery

Next steps: The phone unlock process

  1. Call 800-872-2599 or use the form below to contact Ontrack.
  2. Mail/deliver your phone or mobile device to an Ontrack laboratory.
  3. Ontrack engineers will evaluate your device to ensure the device is a candidate for the service.
  4. Once unlocked, your data will be extracted and backed up to an external encrypted USB drive. The external drive and your mobile device will be returned.

While success rate is high, there is no guarantee we will be able to access the device. For more information review the FAQ or call 800-872-2599 for process details and pricing.

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