Ontrack Performs Emergency Raid 5 Data Recovery

Written By: Ontrack

Date Published: August 14, 2022

Ontrack Performs Emergency Raid 5 Data Recovery

The Situation

A multinational client had fallen victim to the disappearance of crucial financial data and office files, with no backup data plan in place. After realizing the urgency of the data loss situation, they immediately contacted Ontrack’s expert engineers to help with recovery. 

The Solution

Given the importance of the lost data, the client expedited all media over the weekend via courier to an Ontrack engineer who happened to be on call. Per client request, Ontrack provided project updates every 15 minutes as a data recovery plan was being prepared.

It was quickly discovered that the client’s hard drives used the RAID 5 system, and in order to have a successful data recovery, engineers would have to virtually rebuild the drives to guarantee perfect quality of the data found on their VMFS VMware ESX 5.1 volumes.

The Resolution

Through a fantastic show of teamwork and diligence, Ontrack’s data recovery engineers were successfully able to bring all drives back to nearly 100% of their data volume within 6 days after rebuilding the system; a testament to the company’s unmatched expertise and dedication to solving even the most complex data challenges. The client expressed enthusiastic gratitude for such quick data recovery and was excited to have their company back up and running in just under a week with the help of Ontrack’s emergency recovery service. 


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