Keeping Up with Technology Releases - Apple iPhone

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 by Jennifer Duits

The worldwide R&D team at Ontrack works around the clock to keep up with all of the new technology releases. It’s one thing to develop your own tools and software to recovery data, but this team of experts often times needs to decipher what the engineering team who developed the technology created.

For example, we talked about the consolidation of SSD manufacturers and that there are so many of them. Each one has their own method, software, etc. for writing data to their SSD. When our team of engineers receives an SSD in that they have not worked with before, they need to sort through the how the data is written to that device. Then if you add in encryption on top of all of that, it makes the venture even more difficult.

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 and 5s, they encrypt any data that is on the phone in order to protect it if the phone were to end up in the wrong hands. When an iPhone with this type of encryption experiences a logical failure, leaving the device stuck in “Recovery” mode or “Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU)” mode, the data gets trapped in the device. Our engineers have devised a way to bypass the logical failure to access the encrypted data. So, the failure is the first issue. The second issue is actually getting to the data and the third issue is decrypting the data.  Let’s be clear, Ontrack can access the data, but we do not decrypt the data without the credentials from the customer.

Our highly-skilled engineers are already working the iPhone 6 to see if updates will present challenges in those Apple data recovery.  If there are, we want to be the first to solve them for our customers.

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