Emergency Recovery for School District with Large Tape Backup

Written By: Ontrack

Date Published: Mar 8, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Emergency Recovery for School District with Large Tape Backup

The Challenge

A metropolitan US school district containing 165 schools was shut down by a Ryuk ransomware attack that affected its entire network. The attack was detected and interrupted, but a large portion of their systems had already been impacted. The client needed to recover important data from their storage system that contained 61TB of Commvault backups.

The Solution

Ontrack utilized its proprietary Remote Data Recovery software and services to diagnose their environment and found that multiple volumes had been reinitialized and overwritten, requiring a difficult and time-intensive process that might not result in a full recovery.

Rather than working on the primary server environment, the client also had a secondary Commvault backup that resided on 268 LTO4 tapes that would take them a month to index in-house due to their Commvault server being reinitialized.

With Ontrack's 24-hour emergency service, our tape engineers were able to catalog and index the tapes within 3 days. After review, numerous tapes were selected for restoration which contained their most vital systems, and the school district was able to restore limited operations within a week.


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