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The Compact Flash card recovery challenge

As data recovery specialists, we have had many cases over the years where data loss has occurred on NAND Flash-based storage devices – SSDs, USB sticks, and the so-called CF (CompactFlash) cards. In many cases, our customers are using a CF card inside their digital camera and experience data loss while trying to transfer photos/videos from their camera to a computer or NAS. In most of these cases, the internal …Read More

What is Write Amplification (WA) and how does it effect SSDs?

In a recent blog, we described Garbage Collection and the Trim command. Both are methods to mark and set data that are no longer in use and can, therefore, be overwritten in a Flash NAND based SSD. These two methods try to solve the problem that any SSD made by Flash NAND chips have – the Write Amplification (WA) and the Write Amplification Factor (WAF). As we have mentioned before, …Read More