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Emails and GDPR – The Need and Drawbacks of Encrypting Emails

With the GDPR in full effect now, some companies still struggle with the processes to make their IT compliant to the new regulations. Since the GDPR covers many aspects of data security as well as reasons for data leakage there is almost not a single IT process not effected by the new European law. While most of the process to change are quite obvious, some are not. Such a required …Read More

Tape Services – More Than Just Recovering Data From Legacy Tapes

Hardly any other storage medium is talked about so passionately. No, it is not the Cloud, but about the dinosaur of storage technology, the magnetic tape. Sometimes it is said that this medium and its technology are close to extinction, sometimes it is said that it will be in use for more decades to come. In recent years, the dead-believed medium is again in the focus of IT experts and …Read More

GDPR and Email – The Problem of Personal Data in Email and Backups

With GDPR just a couple of days away, many companies are in their final stages of getting their IT processes and the needed solutions ready to comply with the new regulations. Everybody in a company residing in the EU or doing business with European firms should have heard already about the huge fines of up to 4 % of the worldwide turnover or 20 Million Euros. Many of the articles …Read More

Decades’ Worth of Data Recovered from the Hurricane Harvey Floods

As you all have seen on TV – or might have been effected by it yourself – Hurricane Harvey was one of the costliest Hurricanes to ever hit the United States. Last year it made landfall in late August and with it came catastrophic rainfall-triggered flooding in the Houston metropolitan area and other regions in its path. Since the storm was so huge, it was soaked up and pushed water …Read More

Top 5 Data Recovery Cases of 2017

Our data recovery engineers in our labs and cleanrooms around the world receive a great number of data recovery cases every year. Some of those cases are quite easy to fix with the right tools and the necessary experience, but some are more than just tricky even for the most experienced engineers. This year our US engineers – with the help of their colleagues around the world – had to …Read More