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Mobile Device Data Loss

Data Loss – From PCs to Suit Pockets

Data is everywhere. No longer confined to desktop computers, data is always with us – at the gym in the form of an iPod, in the car via your cell phone and of course surrounding you at work – notebooks, desktops, servers, etc. With the increased portability of data comes the increased risk for data to be lost, misplaced, damaged or destroyed.

An Ontrack Data Recovery survey conducted among 400 professionals worldwide revealed that 65% of professionals own at least one USB stick. The compact size leads many people to store their sticks incorrectly – in suit pockets or in bags – leaving valuable confidential data at risk.

To help protect mobile devices from data loss, here are some simple preventative steps that will help create good habits for the use of USB sticks and hopefully prevent any data disasters.

  1. Minimize misplacement – Try to prevent ‘wandering’ USB sticks. The device is easily lost when you don’t exactly know where it is kept. A dedicated USB spot prevents loss of data from a portable storage device.
  2. Carry with care – Make sure your USB is stored safely when traveling to minimize the risk of losing data.
  3. No backups, please – A USB stick is too vulnerable to store precious information. These sticks should therefore never be used as a backup device.
  4. Put a lid on it – if not in use ensure that the connector of your USB is protected. By using the protective cap, provided with any USB stick, a possible data disaster can be averted
  5. Unplug before you leave – Before you embark on a journey that requires a laptop and a USB stick, make sure the devices are separated. This way, both the laptop and the USB stick will run less risk of damage

With the use of mobile storage devices becoming more common, it is crucial that people understand there are options available if their data disappears. Enlist a data recovery expert to help recover data from storage devices of any size – from multi-terabyte servers to tiny xD flash media.

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