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Data Recovery Wannabes, We’re on to You!

Have you ever watched an episode of the Discovery Channel’s acclaimed show, MythBusters? If you haven’t, I would recommend starting off with the episode that involves a Diet Coke and Mentos. As the name suggests, the show’s premise is to investigate myths from all around the world and essentially decode them or better yet, disprove them! With the immense creation and flow of information these days, it’s hard to avoid a myth of any kind. I still find it fascinating that if you were to pool all the users on Facebook as a nation’s population, you’d have the third largest country in the world!  By my definition, I’ve always viewed the idea of a myth as a perceived lie. It’s almost something we subconsciously want to believe in while being fully aware that there is an alternate truth.

So why is there a correlation between data recovery and MythBusters? Well, let’s start with a simple experiment on Google. Type in “Cheap Data Recovery” and make a note of the some of the first responses you see. You’ll find that Google produces a laundry list of data recovery companies touting their ability to get all of your data back at a ridiculously cheap rate. Impressed? You should be, because after all, you wanted cheap data recovery in the first place. What you are about to embark on, however, is the biggest myth known in data recovery circles. I know what you’re thinking, so let me summarize some of the most common myths:

“This website looks really professional so these guys have got to be good!”

“Data recovery for only $100? That sounds very reasonable for a complete data recovery.”

“Everyone providing this type of service is one and the same anyway!”

“These guys are doing this type of thing all the time. What could possibly go wrong?”

“My data is always going to be in good hands regardless of who I choose!”

Anyone who is even remotely thinking along the lines above has already become a victim of the largest, and consequently, most dangerous data recovery myth. It is a myth that generally has devastating consequences for customers looking to retrieve personal or corporate data that is worth a lot both personally and professionally! In fact, this data can represent the only source of personal photos and financial records that have no duplicates, or in more severe circumstances, can mean the difference between someone keeping their job! Yes, it really does get that drastic. So imagine my surprise when I continue to see whom I unfavorably deem as “the data recovery wannabes” of the world provide these myths to customers. These guys are great at advertising, know how to play on emotional impulse buys and specialize in the art of misleading an already weary customer. Oh, and they’re also great at setting up very professional looking websites! I’ve always maintained that data loss is one of the most emotional times a customer is ever likely to encounter.

This year alone, roughly 10% of the media shipped to Kroll Ontrack came from other data recovery companies that had failed to recover anything. That’s a high percentage when you consider that we are processing over 40,000 recoveries a year! And what’s the worst part? The fact that the ability to recover data from the media diminished by roughly 50% because of the contamination caused by the “wannabe data recovery company.” It’s never fun to tell someone that their data is unrecoverable. And the worst part about that statement is when Kroll Ontrack says it’s not recoverable, you have pretty much reached a dead end. For this reason, Kroll Ontrack spearheaded an effort earlier this year. We called it Data Recovery Myths and much like the show MythBusters, set out to expose and dispel all the accumulating myths that our customers were telling us about. We felt that we owed our customers the truth on what to look for when shopping for data recovery options. Unlike buying a car or anything else you have familiarity with, data recovery is often a one-time occurrence, so many customers fail to research what they are truly getting themselves into. We wanted to change that, and instead of swaying customers with the otherwise “wannabe” tactics, decided to empower them with the information they need to make the right decisions for themselves or their business.

And in the process, offer a gentle reminder to all of “the wannabes” out there, that we’re on to them!

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