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Why Ontrack EasyRecovery Made TopTenReviews.com

There’s a seemingly never-ending collection of data recovery products out there that all serve their respective purposes, but it can be a little daunting to sift through the options and pinpoint which recovery software is right for most users’ needs.

Fortunately, TopTenReviews has done all the heavy lifting and found the perfect data recovery solution that’s both easy to use and allows you to customize the user experience to suit specific needs.

Ontrack EasyRecovery is the definition of “DIY.” Not only is it unbelievably easy to use, but Ontrack has a push-button functionality that allows novices to pick it up in a flash, without making advanced-level users feel patronized.

Here is a deeper look into the features that make Ontrack EasyRecovery such a fantastic piece of software:

An Unmatched User Experience

Ontrack allows you to do almost everything, easily. Whether it’s retrieving files from nearly every medium — including CDs and flash drives — or restoring photos and videos from media cards, Ontrack makes it simple to do. Ontrack also has the power to recover lost hard drive partitions, items deleted from your desktops recycle bin, and even drives that have been accidentally formatted.

All of which and more are obtainable without having to go through the trouble of reading lengthy manuals or participating in dozens of time-consuming tutorials.

Ontrack EasyRecovery gives you the control by allowing you to locate whatever went missing on your desktop with astounding precision. Narrowing the search is simple with a combination of drop-down menus and detailed search criteria that help you drill down to exactly the thing you are trying to locate.

You can search directories as large as full-fledged drives all the way down to the smallest folders and files. Custom searches can be created and also saved for future use. The best feature about Ontrack EasyRecovery is its ability to designate “bad block ranges”– essentially sections of disk storage that cannot save data — that are automatically skimmed over during searches. This saves you time and grief when doing full-system scans or long-term scans.

Ontrack EasyRecovery offers users a fail-safe system that prevents the accidental loss of any important data stored on your desktop. This backup service helps to monitor any potential data loss risks and prevent them from occurring. There’s also the ability to delete any files on a scheduled basis.

Advanced Features for Advanced Users

Features like network recovery services and RAID — a multi-drive error prevention system — are available to both Professional and Enterprise-level users. Upgrading to these levels from the Home version is quick and easy.

Supportive Customer and Technical Services

Ontrack’s customer and technical support services are second to none. Its web services are easily accessible and professionally organized. Customer service professionals are also on standby to help troubleshoot any issues a user may have.

Although Ontrack EasyRecovery add-ons like disk imaging and RAID cost a few extra dollars, users should consider the software, especially since similar products require an upgrade to access similar, advanced features.

Ontrack’s level of value combined with its overall ease of use and leading customer service options makes Ontrack EasyRecovery one of the best data recovery software for both first-time users and long-time professionals who have ever had the displeasure of experiencing data loss across file types and data mediums.

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