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World Backup Day 2015

Data loss is a constant battle. What will you do to protect yourself against data loss? Every year World Backup Day on March 31st serves as a reminder to all of us to back up our data. Their slogan is “Don’t be an April Fool.”

At Kroll Ontrack, we constantly see what can happen to data. No one ever thinks it can happen to them, but data loss can happen to anyone. It is best to create a plan to backup your data. It is easy.

Step 1: Select a method for backup. Some common platforms are cloud, USB and a standalone drive. We usually encourage people to pick two just in case one fails. It has been known to happen.

Step 2: Select a backup frequency. This may be based on how quickly you create data and the value of that data. Think about what would happen if you lost your data for the last day, month, and then year? Would you be ok without it?

  • For example, if you are a sales person who is constantly entering in new contacts and sales details into their mobile device, you may want to choose to backup daily. If you are just taking the occasional picture of your children/pets/food etc., maybe a monthly backup would be ok.

Step 3: Implement your plan.

Step 4: Check to your backup. Make sure your backups are working properly and covering the correct data.

We all know there are common barriers to backing up your data. Maybe it is the time involved or the expense. Some may think their data is already safe. According to the worldbackupday.com, 29% of disasters happen by accident and 1 in 4 people lose their data. Kroll Ontrack surveyed people across the globe who have lost data in the past year. See how they are currently protecting themselves against data loss.

One Response to "World Backup Day 2015"

  • Computer Guy
    2nd April 2015 - 8:27 pm Reply

    Yes! I love this day. Data recovery is so important and just as you said, many people just overlook it because they believe data loss won’t happen to them. I like the idea of having one cloud backup and one physical backup, just in case your physical copy breaks or you don’t have access to your cloud copy for any reason. Checking up on your backup is important, too; a backup isn’t very helpful if it turns out to be unusable when you need it most.

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