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Information Management

What is FLAPE?

The first time the term FLAPE appeared on the IT scene was in the summer of 2014. At that time the debate on whether tape is dead –  or not so dead – was still very hot and lobbyists from all sides of the table – HDD, SSD, and flash, as well as storage system manufactures, were arguing over the Internet. Then analysts from Wikibon presented new research showing that …Read More

Can You Recover Bitcoins Yourself or Should You Consult an Expert?

This question is still a very hot topic for all owners of bitcoins. Even though most of the so-called bitcoin owners in reality don’t really own a bitcoin or parts of it, and only have an account on one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and the internet, some people do. It was (and sometimes still is) possible to buy a real bitcoin over the internet. All you …Read More

The Evolution of Storage: File Storage vs. Block Storage vs. Object Storage – Part 2

In a previous blog post, we showed the need for a new storage concept for the ever growing amount of data in the Big Data Age. We showed that the traditional storage methods, File Storage and Block Storage, cannot handle these growing numbers of data because of overhead in file structure and hierarchy information added there. The solution to this challenge in data storage is Object storage. But what about …Read More

The Evolution of Storage: File Storage vs. Block Storage vs. Object Storage – Part 1

More data is transfered and generated globally than ever before. The analysts from IDC are expecting that by 2025 the global datasphere will grow to 163 zettabytes. That is an increase by more than 1000 % from the 16.1 ZB of data of 2016. The reasons for this vast increase of data are various: A lot more sources and devices are generating data than before – embedded systems and  devices …Read More

5 Songs for Erasing Data

How organizations erase data is almost as important as how they store it. Companies spend lots of effort, time, and money painstakingly protecting data throughout its life cycle, but when it comes to end-of-life data and devices, the same level of attention is rarely achieved. While data erasure is a very important topic that your organization should certainly be focusing on as part of your data retention and disposal policies, …Read More