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What Does the Future Hold for NAND Manufacturing?

In 2013, Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk lead the global NAND flash market and in 2016, Western Digital made moves to purchase SanDisk in a deal worth nearly $19 billion. Now Toshiba, with joint venture partner Western Digital, is looking to sell its NAND flash memory unit in order to avoid bankruptcy.  As Toshiba searches for its buyer, the number of NAND manufacturers looks to be consolidating further. Price Hikes and …Read More

More Speed for your SSD – NVME Expected to Replace SATA and SAS in the Future

While traditional hard drives appear to be sticking around for a while, chip-based solid state drives (SSDs) continue to advance and improve in sales and are becoming a large part of the future. Experts from Gartner are expecting that total revenues from SSDs will exceed those from hard disk drives (HDDs) for the first time in history this year. Although not all experts in the market agree to that forecast, …Read More