Erasure Verification Services Wins Visionary Award

Thursday, January 8, 2015 by Jennifer Duits

Attending Storage Visions this last week alongside one of our largest competitors, I was asked over and over “What sets you apart from your competition?” In the past, our standard answer has included the fact that we are the world’s largest data recovery company and that we have been recovering data for almost 30 years. At Storage Visions I could see on the faces of prospective customers a new item to add to that list, Erasure Verification Services (EVS).

EVS started with a customer request for media erasure including a certification that the media was 100% sanitized. In speaking with our customers after that first request, we found that other companies had a need for this same type of service. So many that we have added it to our standard service offerings.

What is Erasure Verification Services? Our customers can now send media that has been erased using their standard erasure process and Kroll Ontrack engineers will examine it to see if they are able to find any traces of data. If data is found, our engineers may offer advice on how to adjust the customer’s process. Once the process is revised, they customer can now repeat the erasure and send it back to us for verification. If our engineers cannot find data on the customer’s media they will certify that the media has been 100% sanitized of data. Our customers will then be able to repeat their erasure process with the confidence that it is completely effective.

This unique service allows our customers to reuse, recycle or resell media while keeping their company’s confidential data from being sent with it. When mentioning this service to prospective customers at Storage Visions, you could see many of them had their own uses for it. One person needed it to show his clients that the tapes he was recycling for them were truly erased. Another customer needed to prove his erasure process to his customers to give him a leg up on the competition.

Not only did EVS raise the attention of booth visitors, it also caught the eye of the judges for the Visionary Company awards at Storage Visions. Kroll Ontrack received the Visionary Company Award for Service and Support at the Storage Visions 2015 conference. What does it mean to be a “Visionary Company?” It means the judges for the Storage Visions conference believe that Kroll Ontrack is “Advancing the state of the art in storage technologies utilized in consumer electronics, enterprise applications, and to service firms that support those businesses.” From what I witnessed at the show, the attendees would agree with them.

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