Connect to an Office 365 Mailbox with Ontrack PowerControls

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 by Ben Blomberg

As we discussed in a prior blog, organizations moving to Office 365 typically don’t move all email to the cloud.  Instead, they implement a hybrid cloud approach – moving mailboxes from a specific date forward into their Office 365 environment and keeping everything prior to that date in their on-premises Exchange Server.  However, companies may need to reach back into that Exchange Server to restore data stored in an EDB file into a user’s Office 365 account or they may need to export mailboxes as a PST file so they can shut down an Office 365 account of a former employee.  In this post, we will review how to connect to an Office 365 Mailbox with Ontrack PowerControls.

In either scenario Ontrack PowerControls is the perfect solution, allowing administrators the ability to connect and move the data they need between environments or export data for ediscovery or compliance, saving valuable time in the process.

Making the Connection to Office 365 - Ontrack PowerControls